Youth and Family Services

We proudly provide services designed to meet the unique needs of children, youth and families.   Our services are built to be strength and community based, offering a comprehensive range of quality evidence based best-practices. From Home-Based Services to Parent Education Groups, our professionals strive to ensure our clients receive compassionate, professional care in the setting that best fits their needs. We provide services primarily in the client’s home or community, reducing the cost  and increasing the success of outcomes. Our programs strive to foster a better quality of life for clients and their families.

Why Pathways Youth and Family Services?

With over 20 years of providing services for families and youth in Arizona, Pathways has developed and implemented a vast menu of general and specialty services to strength our communities. Focusing on evidenced based treatment models and trauma informed care has positioned Pathways of Arizona to be a leader in behavioral and mental health, and social services.  This client focused approach allows our clients and their families to be the leader in their own treatment, ensuring lasting outcomes and future positive life experiences.  We have a long history of close coordination with system partners, the court system and the state of Arizona

What Services Are Offered by Pathways Of Arizona, for Youth and Families?

Pathways strives to ensure that your treatment meets you where you are; is individualized and formatted specifically for you.  With this client focused mentality Pathways offers a number of service options and combinations to best meet your needs; including referrals to outside agencies when services through Pathways might not fully meet all your needs. 

  • Case Management:

    • ​We supervise all aspects of eligible clients’ cases and assure clients receive the appropriate care, treatment and resources. Pathways serves as the client advocate, arranging for services and follow-up care to ensure client compliance with prescribed intervention plans.

  • Home-Based & Office-Based Counseling and Therapy: 

    • Our home-based counselors provide services in clients’ homes and community, which can include individual, group or family sessions. We also provide office based counseling services for clients who prefer a more formal setting.

  • Intake & Assessment Services:

    • We contract on behalf of our managed entities to screen inquiries regarding need and eligibility for government-sponsored social services, arrange face-to-face interviews and conduct benefit eligibility reviews.

  • Group Services:​

    • These services are provided in a group setting, allowing for social connections and shared experiences for clients.  Parenting classes, summer programs, weekend respite services, and youth substance abuse programs are a small sample of the offered groups services.  Check the landing page for the Pathways location nearest you to find the current group listing and calendar of events. 

  • Referrals:​

    • At times to ensure a client and their family is receiving all services need to ensure their recovery, outside agencies are engaged. Pathways offers referrals to specialty providers and community partners ensuring that the full spectrum of support services is available to our clients.

  • Psychiatry/Medication Management:

    • Pathways of Arizona offers psychiatric services including psychological evaluation, medication management, and treatment monitoring by licensed and credentialed Behavioral Health Medical Professionals

What are specialty services are offered by the Pathways of Arizona?

  • Autism Services:

    • ​Our autism services include behavior analytic education and treatment in schools, homes and communities, including wraparound services that coordinate care and improve program efficiency and effectiveness.​  See Our Positive Behavioral Intervention Page

  • ​Substance Abuse Services: 

    • Pathways counselors provide services in settings designed especially for clients with drug or alcohol use problems. We utilize peer contracts, treatment group processes, and a commitment to sobriety among our treatment methods.  See the 7 Challenges Page

  • Birth-5:​

    • Pathways provides and specialty services tailored to the needs of the birth to five population and their families.​   As part of Birth-5 program, we utilize child-parent psychotherapy which is an evidence based treatment for children Birth-5 who have experienced trauma. 

  • EMDR​ (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing):

    • An integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma. EMDR is a set of standardized protocols that incorporates elements from many different treatment approaches.

  • TFCBT (Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy):

    • ​TF-CBT is a psychotherapy approach for children and adolescents who are experiencing significant emotional and behavioral difficulties related to traumatic life events.

  • Family Therapy:​

    • We provide systemic family therapy​ to address support for positive parenting and to strengthen family relationships and communication.

Pathways of Arizona Youth and Family Services are offered at the following locations:

Northwest Tucson


3295 W. Ina Road Suite #150
Tucson, AZ 85741



3818 W 16th St.

Yuma, AZ 85364