Employee Feature!!!

Pathways has Amazing Team Members!!

Jase is a name and face we have learned to appreciate quickly at Pathways through his friendly and helpful attitude while updating the Tucson offices security systems and mobile equipment.

In the short time Jase has been with Pathways, he has moved from contractor to employee and made a positive name for himself while creating a safe working environment for many who cross his path.

Jase has allowed clinicians a comfortable place to turn when they need help with their technology, he has helped on-board new staff,.

He has laughed with us and probably cried with some of us and he’s even given out his super secure personal phone number to the more challenged leadership team to help us get through our technical challenges.

It’s refreshing to know, staff and leadership have a place to go when they are unsure how to problem solve their technological struggles or need a friendly person to laugh with. Jase’s interpersonal skills, in addition to the technological brain he carries is an asset to Pathways and will likely save many surface pro lives.

Thank you for all you’ve done and all you will do!!

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