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Services Available at Northwest Tucson

We offer a comprehensive list of Youth and Family Services including:  Assessment and Evaluation; Functional Behavioral Analysis; Autism (ABA) Services; Case Management; Individual, Group, and Family Therapy; 24/7 Crisis Services; Psychiatric Services; Tele-Medicine; Skills Development; Substance Abuse; Parenting; Prevention; Respite; Child-Parent Psychotherapy

This evidence based program is offered in individual and group settings at outpatient and intensive outpatient levels. Seven Challenges teaches youth to think critically and make informed choices about how they deal with life, improving not only substance use problems but mental health conditions which are often co-occurring.

Foster Care Services

Providing classes, licensure and ongoing support for foster parents, both at the Family Foster (regular) and HCTC (therapeutic) level. Our families receive top-notch preparation for this invaluable service as well as receiving ongoing round the clock support, which is paramount to the success of those children and their foster families.

Autism Services and Behavioral Interventions

Pathways of Arizona offers Autism and behavioral intervention services through the Positive Family Support Program.  The Positive Family Support Program is designed to help families better manage challenging behavior displayed by their children. This is a proactive approach, which heavily relies on the primary caregiver(s) to implement prevention strategies, teaching skills, and managing consequences and is not intended to be used solely for crisis situations.

Psychiatry Services

Pathways of Arizona has 3 Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists and 4 Nurse Practitioners and a Physician's Assistant giving us the ability to serve all ages, particularly in the Psychiatric care of children and adolescents.  At Pathways of Arizona we specialize in Psychiatric Evaluations for children, adolescents and young adults, and treating Mood Disorders, anxiety disorders, ADHD, psychotic disorders, substance use disorders, autism spectrum disorders, trauma, and other less common behavioral health issues

Adult Services

Pathways strives to ensure that your treatment meets you where you are; is individualized and formatted specifically for you.  With this client focused mentality Pathways offers a number of service options and combinations to best meet your needs; including referrals to outside agencies when services through Pathways might not fully meet all your needs.


Pathways of Arizona provides a comprehensive array of community based services in Pima county through a contract with Cenpatico Integrated Care. Our Tucson sites offer: home-based counseling, school-based services, case management, psychiatric services, Seven Challenges substance abuse group services, and crisis intervention. To file a complaint in Pima county please follow these instructions.