Autism Services and Behavioral Interventions

Pathways of Arizona offers autism and behavioral intervention services through the Positive Family Support Program.  The Positive Family Support Program is designed to help families better manage challenging behavior displayed by their children. This is a proactive approach, which heavily relies on the primary caregiver(s) to implement prevention strategies, teaching skills, and managing consequences and is not intended to be used solely for crisis situations.

Why Positive Family Support Programs with Pathways of Arizona?

The Positive Family Support Program is provided by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) who conduct functional behavioral assessments, develop individualized programs for clients and provide experienced clinical oversight.  Behavior Technicians (BT) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) support the family and client to carry out the program developed by the BCBA.   The training and expertise of the behavioral intervention teams ensure that clients are receiving the highest quality strength and research based services available for client dealing with difficult behaviors and autism spectrum disorders.

What Services Are Offered by Pathways through the Positive Family Support Program?

Pathways strives to ensure that your treatment meets you where you are; is individualized and formatted specifically for you.  With this client focused mentality Pathways offers a number of service options and combinations to best meet your needs.

Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA):

  • The FBA must include these steps - identify and define the specific problem behavior; collect information about the occurrence of the behavior through observation, systematic data collection, and interviews of the child, parents, and others; identification of the antecedent events and consequences surrounding the behavior; identification of the function or purpose of the behavior; and development of a hypothesis about the behavior. Once the assessment is complete, interventions can be created based on the hypothesis and other relevant information.


Behavior Support Plan (BSP):

  • The BSPs are for behaviors in which patterns are easier to identify. BT/RBT can develop a behavior plan for members who do not require an FBA with the oversight of the BCBA.

Behavior Skills Building:

  • RBT will implement the plan or program that was developed by the BCBA. This may or may not include parent coaching. Average 6 to 8 contact hours weekly.


Optimism Parent Training: 

  • Optimism Parent Training is an 8-session curriculum based program. This program helps parents identify their own “negative” self-talk during difficult situations and provides parents with optimistic alternatives. Parents also learn to identify a behavior and look for clues to understand “why” it occurs. Armed with this knowledge, parents strategically develop a plan of action, which includes prevention strategies, management of consequences, and replacement of difficult behaviors. Parents will be provided with forms for monitoring the child's behavior, self-talk journal, and homework assignments which are reviewed during each session. Average 2 hours per week.


School Readiness Program:

  • School Readiness Program is designed to work with young children (ages 2-5), who are demonstrating behaviors that are likely to interfere with their academics upon entering school. The goal is to increase the likelihood that these children be successful entering kindergarten. If needed and the school agrees, services can be provided in the school temporarily by fading out as the child gains independence. Average 6 to 10 contact hours weekly.

Pathways of Arizona Behavioral Intervention Services are offered at the following locations:

Northwest Tucson


3295 W. Ina Road Suite #150
Tucson, AZ 85741