Adult Services

Pathways strives to ensure that your treatment meets you where you are; is individualized and formatted specifically for you.  With this client focused mentality Pathways offers a number of service options and combinations to best meet your needs; including referrals to outside agencies when services through Pathways might not fully meet all your needs. 

What Services Are Offered by Pathways Of Arizona, for Adults?

Case Management:

  • We assist in all aspects of eligible clients’ cases and coordinate appropriate referrals for behavioral health care, treatment and resources. Case Managers serve as advocates, arranging for services and follow-up care to meet clients where they are with their treatment goals.


Medication Monitoring Services:

  • Our monitoring services include face-to-face and telephone interactions, referrals, and consultation to support our adult clients in managing their medication needs.


Pathways Supported Employment:

  • Pathways Supported Employment services are an Evidence-Based Best Practice

  • Supported Employment helps people with mental illnesses find and keep meaningful jobs in the community

  • Employment Specialists help consumers find jobs that exist in the open labor market and that pay at least minimum wage, including part-time and full-time jobs

  • Employment Specialists help consumers understand how benefits (such as Social Security of Medicaid) are affected by working so they can make informed decisions about starting or changing jobs

  • Employment Specialists help consumers start looking for jobs within 1 month after they start the program


Home-Based & Office-Based Counseling:

  •  Our home-based counselors provide services in clients’ homes, which can include individual, group or family sessions. We also provide office-based counseling for clients who struggle to cope with everyday situations.

Peer Support:

  • Our Peer Support staff assist in navigating the behavioral health system while sharing experiences and successes in their own recovery. 

Pathways of Arizona Adult Services are offered at the following locations:

Northwest Tucson


3295 W. Ina Road Suite #150
Tucson, AZ 85741