Pathways is committed to the health and safety of our clients, our staff and the families of each.  Because of this, we have moved our staff to working remotely.  Client care and customer service remain our top priority, so we are continuing all client appointments via telephone or video. 

If you have an upcoming appointment, please contact our office or your assigned staff to learn about your options for upcoming appointments.

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Serving Arizona since 1997, our dedicated team specializes in bringing a full spectrum of behavioral health services to the children, adults, and families we serve.  We take pride in our ability to support people in their own settings with our skilled team of professionals.

With a history of leading the way in managed behavioral healthcare and home-based services, Pathways of Arizona continues to use innovation and effective collaboration to meet the needs of those we serve.


Our Programs Are:

  • Community-Based

  • Recovery and Wellness Focused

  • Flexible and Organized

  • Evidence-Based

  • Outcome-Driven

  • Supported by Technology

  • Comprehensive and Collaborative

  • Multidisciplinary Teams

  • Coordinated with System Partners

  • Trauma-Informed


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Ernie's Story

Before I went to Pathways, I got very anxious. I was 13 years old. I would not want to go to school. I was scared something was going to happen to my mom. I would not want to go anywhere, not even to my Grandpa and Grandma’s house. The teachers and counselors at school told my mom I needed to get help because I wasn’t being myself. I went to Pathways and met with Stacy. They listened to my concerns. I met with a doctor there and they told my mom that they could help me. I started on medicine and it started to help. I would meet with Stacy and a counselor and they gave me ideas to stay
calm. The teachers and my family could see that Pathways was helping me. I really liked coming to see Stacy and Sean. Everyone was great. Now I am feeling good. I take my medicine and I just graduated high school. I will start at the U of A in July!



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